Calling all PixSell users! Would you like us to switch on some more features for you?

June 3, 2020 Aspin News, PixSell

We have prepared a PixSell audit to help our users identify which easy-to-configure features they would like us to turn on – the majority being free of charge…

Life has taken a different path for our field-based customers and if we can positively enhance this new working environment for you all then we will.

Most of the things we list on the audit can be enabled as part of the Service Desk, so there’s no quote for anybody to approve; it’s just a matter of you deciding, as we run through the report with you.

Some of you have already had an email drop into your inbox with the audit attached; it’s certainly been gratifying each time it’s had a positive impact on your experience with PixSell.

We are working through all customers – if you haven’t had an audit yet (I’m looking at you, companies beginning with a Z!) and would like to jump the queue, just send an email to and we can organise one for you just that little bit sooner!