How PixSell will be instrumental in helping you navigate post-lockdown

June 10, 2020 Aspin PixSell

PixSell, was designed for the field. The field is still there; it just looks bit different for now. How sales reps and agents are going to continue to service their retail customers during a period of restricted travel is something we have been asked a number of times since April…

Emerging from lockdown, our customers are considering how to continue to manage customer relationships during a time when social-distancing is at the fore of everything we do. Despite limited visits to stockists and retailers, virtual face-to-face interactions are very achievable via PixSell and will be exactly what you and your customers need. Working hard to maintain a human element to your customer relationships will be vital over the coming months.

Your B2B customers are currently working towards re-opening their stores, and with the extra workload and responsibilities that social distancing will place on them, more than ever they need the reassurances of a professional, competent and reliable service from their suppliers.

To this end, Aspin has created a simple ‘how to’ PDF as a set-up and usage guide for your sales team to be able to use PixSell (or any other Apps) with Zoom via their iPad.

To download the PDF follow this link >> How to: PixSell and Zoom

This will allow them to interactively present and place orders with your customers on a remote basis, when wide scale car travel is still discouraged, but full lock-down is over. With PixSell you can continue to work remotely and still present a seamless, polished, comprehensive and professional ‘shop window’ to your customers.

Other things that we are reviewing to help our customers sales teams deal with the changed working environment that the rest of 2020 might present include:

> Setting up PixSell Feedback questionnaires (to fill in during sales call) so head office understand and report on the trading position of their customers.

> Setting up specific CRM Activities in relation post knockdown sales calls (Customer still closed, Remote presentation etc.).

As we think about the short to medium-term future, there are many positives. A reduction in sales reps travelling around will continue to contribute to the environmental benefits seen since March, and if you can successfully manage your customer relationships and sales without the travelling there will doubtless be huge cost savings involved for your business.

If you would like to discuss any of these points with us, please contact us on or 01794 500200.