Every sales representative would work more efficiently if they had access to updated customer account information and stock, could omit the daily admin and leave the heavy catalogues behind. Your head office staff could breathe a sigh of relief as the phone calls requesting stock levels disappear and orders are electronically imported into the back office system with no intervention required. With PixSell iPad app for sales reps, this is a reality for both mobile sales teams and head office. PixSell combines everything you have to offer your customer is at the tap of a finger – reassurance that reps are fully equipped to sell.


Sales benefits

  • Increase order value and accuracy, and see more customers in a day
  • Help your customers make positive buying decisions based on their buying history
  • Accurate pricing for each customer as per your back office
  • No more calls back to head office to ask for customer account information
  • Send orders back to head office after each call

Catalogue benefits

  • Catalogue is always up to date
  • Associate products to create ‘up-sell’ and ‘cross-sell’ opportunities
  • See what’s in stock, and what’s not
  • Add items to order via ‘tap to add’ or barcode scanning
  • PDF attachments and offline video links

Integration benefits

  • Process and dispatch orders faster
  • Reduce cost of order processing
  • Reduce data entry in man hours
  • PixSell does not access your ERP system
  • Track each PixSell transaction via PDF confirmation and online reporting
Daily or more frequent data schedules of key information such as product details, pricing and customers from your back office system will reach the DataBridge cloud ready to be distributed down to individual PixSell users. Via the DataBridge cloud, head office can administer data to users, content manage the visual presentations and report on daily field activity.
Aspin applications will integrate with any back office that can export data and import orders. Common applications used by our customers include NAV, AX, GP, AS400 variants, Dimensions, Supply Chain, SAP Business One, Oracle, Pegasus, Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 500.
We implement each of our products to a specification. This is dependent on your business requirements and your ERP system, therefore it is difficult to offer prices on our website. Please contact us for an outline cost for any of our products or services. An exact product cost would be provided after scoping session.
We anticipate the majority of PixSell projects to take 12 weeks to go live. They can be quicker, they can be slower - there are many contributing factors such as the availability of the data, images and resources.
PixSell is equipped to handle vast quantities of SKUs. To date, one client operates effectively working with around 90,000 SKUs.
Aspin applications operate a complex pricing matrix to handle different pricing rules. During the specification stages, Aspin will work with you to understand your pricing rules to ensure these are translated into our solutions accurately.
The Aspin support desk is open from 08:30 to 17:30, Monday - Friday and supports head office to support their users.
PixSell and InterSell support multiple images at 1000x1000 and 72dpi. These will be jpeg images.
Yes. We have a number of reps and agents across the world utilising multi language and multi currency functionality.
This is the middleware that sits between your ERP and the iPads to handle the transfer of data. Your ERP and the iPads are unable to talk directly to each other, which is what the DataBridge facilitates.
PixSell operates on an offline basis (you could take an order on the moon or down a mineshaft). An Internet connection (3G/4G or WiFi) is required for customer/stock updates and sending transactions back to head office. Background stock updates can also take place every 15 minutes.
Your PixSell project package includes setup and training. Once all parties have ascertained what data and images are required, this is loaded up to the DataBridge and subsequently down to the iPads. Aspin will train head office to manage their own content and data for future updates.
Our customers use a variety of iPads, from iPad 2, iPad mini to the latest iPad Air. With regard to capacity a typical customer with 3000 customers, 5000 products (with multiple images) and 100,000 prices would have an imprint of less than 2GB.
PixSell will support any Bluetooth barcode scanner that operates as a keyboard wedge. The most popular scanners used by Aspin clients are the Opticon OPN2006 and the Socket CHS.

From birth to present day…

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