Valerie Graham


iPad ordering for sales reps

  • Delivered a system which gives the sales agents real-time information when with a customer
  • Heavily reduced admin time to process orders at head office
  • Empowered the sales team by giving them the resources to display all product attributes on a iPad

Valerie Graham maximise kitchenware brands with iPad ordering and sales intelligence

Homewares distributors Valerie Graham had concerns that the sales team were not maximising their full potential when face-to-face with a customer. Fast forward four years – since implementing iPad ordering with PixSell – their team of sales agents are seeing more customers in a day, with head office hailing the system as “the best selling tool that our company has ever used.”

“PixSell had everything we were looking for”

Valerie Graham and Aspin first joined forces in 2003, with Valerie Graham utilising Aspin’s MiniSell ordering system. Continuing to give the sales team access to real-time product information, stock levels and collections but via an iPad seemed an obvious choice – allowing Valerie Graham to continue to evolve their sales process. “PixSell had everything we were looking for,” Managing Director Michael Stein told us. “We wanted information available ‘on the road’ for our sales guys so they had everything they needed to take an order. PixSell gives them that information.”

“We can see at a glance, the sales history of each customer”

With PixSell’s Sales Intelligence module, the Valerie Graham sales team can view individual customer and territory reports. Within this functionality, the agent is prompted to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities – by looking at customer buying patterns. For Valerie Graham, this has brought huge benefits – particularly when combining selling product ranges via collections. “PixSell allows us to present our products by range and category,” Michael said. “Instead of our customers viewing individual items, we use collections which contain all our ranges and new products. From looking at a customer’s sales history – we can identify new selling opportunities, and easily report on these sales with the intelligence module.”

“Our sales team have access to product information throughout the day”

Successful integration with Valerie Graham’s Open Logistics back office system and Aspin’s DataBridge ensures that the sales team are equipped with real-time information before visiting a customer. “With Open Logistics, information is synced each morning so our agents can view up-to-date stock, sales, products and new collections,” Michael said. “Our team are able to see what stock they have available whilst sitting with a customer. This is a real asset for us as our sales guys have a clear idea of what items need to be sold.”

“More professional and efficient out in the field”

For Valerie Graham, the rep, customer relationship has been enhanced since implementing PixSell. Through taking advantage of PixSell’s presentation elements, the agent is able to showcase full product brochures, PDFs and videos – maximising their opportunity to sell. “We have found that we are a lot more efficient and professional when dealing with customers,” Michael said. “Our customers have said how easy it is to place orders with us because of PixSell – our order turnaround times have massively improved.”

“You cannot manage a business without PixSell”

A strong working relationship between Valerie Graham and Aspin throughout the implementation of PixSell and beyond has ensured the success of the project. Plans are in place to continually develop the system to benefit both the sales team and customers. “PixSell as a pre-requisite goes hand in hand with your product offering,” Michael said. “I wish more people were aware of the benefits and advantages of using the system.”